Compressor does not start


The heat pump starts (fan), shows no error message, but the compressor does not start.


To start, the compressor needs help. This help is provided by the compressor start capacitor. If the compressor is defective or disconnected, the compressor will not start.


To access the capacitor, it is first necessary to electrically disconnect the heat pump.

Once done, please identify the location of the starting capacitor using your user manual (exploded view of your heat pump) and follow these instructions:

1 - Open the heat pump top cover by unscrewing the screws around the cover.

2 - Open the cover of the electronic box.

3 - Make sure that the compressor start capacitor is connected to the electronic board.

4 - Make sure the compressor start capacitor is not inflated (see picture of inflated capacitor next to normal).

5 - If the capacitor is inflated it must be replaced. Please identify its power (in µF) which is indicated on the capacitor.

6 - If the capacitor is in good condition, well connected and the problem persists, please fill out a form on our interface. A technician will then provide you with a solution.

WARNING: on the models JETLINE Premium 160, Jetline 150 and Jetline2 150, you have an additional "starter" card (see photo). So make sure that this card is connected and not damaged.


In case your product is out of warranty (more than 2 years or more than 3 years for Jetline Premium only), you can order the spare parts on our website.

If your product is still in warranty (more than 2 years or more than 3 years for Jetline Premium only), fill out the form, attaching your purchase invoice and a picture of the problem as an attachment.

Last update : 3/29/2021 5:45:41 PM